Cryoslope avalanche report formular

Note: There are no required fields. Fill in only the data you know! Feel free to let us know how the weather and snowconditions were on your fieldtrip, also if you did not observe any avalanches.

Observed avalanches

Date and time of observation  
Actual date of observation []: (is the time any eyewitnesses saw the avalanche happen)
Actual time of observation:
Coordinates of front position (Datum must be WGS84, check your GPS)
Accuracy (on-site = position logged on-site in the field, estimated is position from a map)
Latitude (y) []
Longitude (x) []
Trigger type (only check if you know)  
Trigger type
Avalanche type  (check applicable items, multiple choices possible!)
loose snow
cornice fall
rock fall
depris flow
slope failure

Additional observation during your fieldtrip

General data  
Your name:
Date of observation []:
Time of observation:
Area / Valley:
Observation (Snow, weather, other subjects of interest):

Danger signs (check applicable items, multiple choices possible!)
fresh dry slab avalanches
fresh loose snow avalanches
shooting cracks on the snow surface
collapsing sounds (Whompfing)
moisture penetration
cornice formation
sastrugis, ripples
surface hoar
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